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Meet your posher❤️ Hello beautiful poshers! My name is Katherine and I'm currently in college in the hopes of becoming a nurse practitioner one day... I enjoy shopping, studying, cats, and spending time with the people I love. Some of the brands that i like are Bebe, h&m, Windsor, forever21, Nike, adidas, north face, and Victoria's Secret. Feel free to ask any questions ❤️❤️ Other

Tips on How to Become a Nurse Practitioner Even If You Have a Young Family

becoming a pediatric oncology nurse practioner

"I am an ER nurse and my job can be very stressful. I'm also in school to become a nurse practitioner, which definitely doesn't decrease the stress load. :) Coming home to Brandy, Alexis Rose and Mouse (and their) unconditional love and puppy kisses never ceases to warm my heart! I can't imagine life without my girls and am so truly blessed and thankful to have them in my life!!" -Emily, Puppy Mama, Elyria, OH 🐶: @ejklove_crewdogs ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ #puppymama…

I am so proud of this babe right here! Christine joined my team just last week and she is already changing lives! Not only is she working on her own health journey she is helping other ladies on their own fitness journey AND helping them get started on building their own business by helping them become a coach as well! Christine is one of the hardest working ladies I know! She is working full time as a nurse practitioner PLUS going to school full time to get her PhD! On top of all that she…

A video designed to encourage young nurses to become neonatal nurse practitioners as a career path.

6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner #DiversityNursing #blog