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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

"Different ways of saying "I love you" : "Put your seat belt on." "Watch your step." "Did you eat?" "How was your day?" "Get some rest." You just have to listen."

i sent snapchats to a friend with my clothes on in the shower... it was really hard to wring out the water

"She's banged up, mentally and emotionally. Literally and metaphorically. But every day she walks outside with a smile on her face because that's who she is."

Perfect analogy of my ex Corey Newman-Love. Now on to a productive, happy, friend filled day. Was told this morning I am smiling, laughing, relaxed and looking beautiful by 2 separate people. I guess the bruise has gone away!

Tyler looked longingly at Brettan to see if she would, but what she had gone through, all the horrific things she had seen and heard, it was difficult to smile.