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Ooooh-wee! We're getting into the hot weather now. Gotta remember to water in the AM to give the plants a fighting chance... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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"Mushroom Ninja" Explores the Beautiful World of Exotic Fungi on His Hikes

“Mushroom Ninja” Explores the Beautiful World of Exotic Fungi on His Hikes - My Modern Met

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The design process includes three different elements which are seeing, doing, and thinking. I am more of visual person myself, seeing this image allows me to feel as if I was there.

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living in a place where you dont see scenes like this every day, it's easy to forget these colors even exist in nature.

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Rocks underwater; movement and stillness... The mesmerizing movement of sun upon soft water is a feast. Could watch indefinitely because of the never-to-be-repeated configurations. Such beauty given from nature.

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Feeling totally relaxed she closed her eyes. Strange images and shapes danced in her head to the sound of the waterfall. Shades of purple came and went behind her closed eyes. She felt strangely calm, almost like she was floating. Excerpt from THE COLOUR OF LOVE

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