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6 Steps for Beating Depression | World of Psychology

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Erika Lost 90 Pounds and Beat Depression*


10 Foods I Eat Every Day to Beat Depression

Here are 10 foods I eat every day to feel good. They provide the nutrients my body needs to fight off inflammation in my brain, which leads to depression.

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Erika Lost 90 Pounds and Beat Depression*

Find out how Erika lost 90 pounds, busted through her depression, and built a new life for herself!


5 Effective Ways to Beat Depression Without Drugs

By Shelley Davidescu, MFT Almost 19 million Americans experience depression every year and about 23% who have clinical depression seek treatment. So chances are you probably know someone or perhaps depressive symptoms have touched your life in a personal way.  Typical symptoms of depression may include feeling “down in the dumps”, feeling sad, experiencing crying [...]

Beat Depression Today - Free Yourself Of Depression Today! Audio Hypnosis Helps You Regain Happiness And Conquer Your Inner Demons!

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Finding Happiness After Depression

After beating depression you might find yourself in a new state that is unfamiliar. The point of fighting depression is to be happy again so how do you find happiness after depression? Here's how.


Depression is pretty horrible but there are ways to beat depression and you don't need to let it take control of your life.