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Feel the pride of being the man in you with beard hair transplant here at #gargclinic #hairtransplant #hairloss #beardtransplant

10 Reasons Why Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant Is On the Rise

10 Things to Know If You’re Considering a Beard Transplant

If you couldn't grow a proper beard, would you consider a transplant? - 10 Things You Should Know if You’re Considering a Beard Transplant

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Beard Transplant Not Just for Hipsters #infographic #Hipsters #Beard #Lifestyle

Beard Transplant Not Just for Hipsters #infographic

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Can't Grow a Beard? Get a Transplant

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Transplanting Irises - How To Divide Bearded Irises To Transplant

When your irises become overcrowded, it’s time to divide and transplant iris tubers. Generally, iris plants are divided every 35 years. For information on how to divide and transplant correcting, read this article.

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Iris.Have 60 PLUS old Bearded Iris that I transplanted from NANA's house.NOW selling...and SAD.

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Plant your rhizomes at or just barely below the surface of the ground. Bearded Irises should be planted so the tops of the rhizomes are visible and the roots are spread out facing downwards in the soil. However, in extremely hot climates or with very light soils, cover rhizomes with up to one inch of soil.

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