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#girl boss I do but it's a struggle especially when it's from those we never would expect it from since we would never do the same in the same shoes......anyway

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Reasons to Be Present | Living in the present is an important component to living a blissful life. Knowing why you should be present in the moment can motivate you to more forward.

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Remember the greater purpose, but don't forget the importance of being present. Your privilege gives you a reason to change someone else's life here.

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be present

This is such a profound concept to me. I had been coasting for years. I was here physically, but vacant in every other sense: emotionally numb, spiritually broken and just generally disinterested. Upon finding legitimate love and becoming a mother, I've become a stronger and more sensitive person. For the first time in my life, I am present. <3

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5 Poses to Heal Emotional Pain and Calm the Mind

Freedom from the past and the future...we could all hone our skills at being present. Once we do, though, we could change our own lives through our intention. Get 5 steps to being present on the blog!

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