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Be Prepared

25 Books Every Prepared Family Should Own — Preppers tend to be information junkies. We surf the net, participate in forums, and download PDFs with abandon. You need to have some in a physical format.

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The Prepper’s Guide to Winter Survival

Winter is here, and we will never know what will happen next. In case of any SHTF situation, these ultimate guide to winter preparedness are proven to be helpful, not just for prepper's but for the entire family. Check out the full tips and tricks at :

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15 Essential Items for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

We can’t prevent accidents, but we can prepare for them. Careful preparation and foresight often the difference between surviving an accident or not. Here at StatGear, we take survival preparation very seriously and that is why we suggest an all-in-one car emergency kit with 15 essential items.

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17 Free Kindle Books for Preppers — While it may be hard to pass over freebies, sometimes they are free for a reason. Free books, in particular, have a reputation for being pretty bad. So we combed through the free books available for the Kindle and found a few good resources.

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Even a widespread flu outbreak is reason enough to prepare and plan for a quarantine. #PreparednessAdvice

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DIY Emergency Survival Heater

cautions while using your emergency survival heater

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How To Use Sugar To Heal Wounds

It might surprise you to learn that sugar isn't just for sweetening food; it can also be used to help wounds heal faster.

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10 New Habits for the Prepared Home

10 New Habits for a Prepared Home | create stockpile | 2017 resolutions | create a stockpile

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves — When in a survival situation pretty much anything and everything can be upcycled into something that can aide you in surviving. Over at Creek shows us 12 survival hacks that we can use just by using leaves.

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21 Ways To Be A Better Adult In January

And make sure you're prepared for unexpected winter storms, blackouts, and more.

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