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could someone update me on when the boys are going to be on tv in America? I would appreciate it so much.

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Spanky, The little Rascals, TV Show when we were little. For many yrs. This was on TV Even today. Sometimes it will be on.........

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Which Outlander Sequel Is Best?

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Someone Else's Genius: Fitness Fridays: Harry Potter Workout #3...this will be good for those Harry potter marathons I can never escape watching on tv

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Happy Days Fonzie Leather Jacket

Ron Howard and Henry Winkler on the cover of TV Guide - October 14, 1975

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Before I die, I want to ... (I've been on the news, but I want to be on an actual TV program or an extra in a movie)

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I loved this show until it jumped the shark bad!! But it's a classic!! Wish they would finish releasing the whole show on DVD - i own season 1 and that's it :(

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Daily dose of inspiration. Working towards this. I don't know how I'm going to do on the zero hours of tv when #scandal gets started again

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Remember the time when you only had 5 working channels that didn't require banging on the tv and repositioning the antennae.

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