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Making kebabs is usually quite cumbersome to have to stab each individual piece of meat or vegetable through each individual wooden stick. With this new device called the Clever Kebab, you can easily ...

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Filipino-Style Pork Barbecue

Filipino cuisine doesn't get a lot of love outside the Philippines, but if you've experienced it, one thing you can say for sure is it's interesting. Just take this Filipino-style pork barbecue. It's nothing like the barbecue you'd find anywhere in the US, taking more after the kabob. And its flavor can range from anywhere between sweet and spicy or both.

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Grilled Shrimp Skewers

For the record Australians call them prawns!!! Never have I heard an Aussie call them shrimp.

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This past fall I took an evening welding class at a local technical school and got very excited about making things out of metal. I already had an old stick welder that I didn’t really know h…

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Honey Sriracha Beef Barbecue

Food on stick always taste better. Try these honey sriracha beef bbq sticks!

How to make Pork Barbecue on the Grill, Filipino-style

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