Homemade scrub | lavender / lavendel | sugar & salt | BB style

Homemade scrub | lavender / lavendel | sugar & salt | BB style

Miyama (美山) is a remote, rural area in the mountains 30 kilometers north of central Kyoto. The area is famous for its traditional, thatched roof - kayabuki - farmhouses .

Miyama - the town has 3 bb style lodgings for a short stay, fishing, hiking, and a couple small museums.

Brigitte Bardot fashion style icon

Stunning shot of fashion icon Brigitte Bardot wearing a chic headscarf / cape combo.

Ben Drowned isn't really a creepypasta fave my fave is Jeff the Killer don't know why but I just like him

BEN don't give me that look -_- BEN: Awww come on sugar cube Can't we just play LOZ again? Me: Nuuu. BEN: Please! I really wanna beat you this time Me: You'll never beat me XD BEN: I hate you. Me: I know you love me

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1960s Fashion: The Icons And Designers That Helped Shape The Decade

Great sunglasses with a classic suit. Brigitte Bardot has fabulous style.