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Battle of Shiloh-Pittsburgh Landing Tennessee (April 6-7,1862) There were about 40,000 Confederate soldiers that attacked and struck a line of Union soldiers. The Federals had established a battle line at a sunken road, known as the Hornet's Nest and also used heavy artillery to kill and capture Union soldiers. Grant’s counteroffensive overpowered the Union so they fled the field on the second day. The battle had about 23,000 deaths and was the bloodiest battle in American history at its…

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Here is carte-de-viste of the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh", Johnny Clem. He gained tremendous fame for his said heroic actions at the Battle of Shiloh. According to the legend, Clem was knocked unconscious when a piece of artillery shrapnel hit his drum. Disney produced a film called "Johnny Shiloh" to tell his story during the American Civil War.

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The Battlefield, Shiloh National Military Park, Tennessee

Shiloh National Military Park, Tennessee Site of the 1862 Battle of Shiloh in the American Civil War.

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Shiloh Battlefield (Hardin County, TN). The costliest and bloodiest Civil War battle in United State history up to that period of time. More were to come unfortunately. The majority of the Civil War fighting took place in TN & VA.

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Apr. 7, 1862. Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant defeat the Confederates at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee.

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Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, The Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee- Civil War...killed at this battle which was fought April 6 and 7, 1862. Following his death, Beauregard took over.

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Major General William T. Sherman (Library of Congress) present at Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, Civil War

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