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Amazing History

Amazing History-Japanese plane shot down during the Battle of Saipan circa June 15, 1944

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American GIs helping starving, frightened father & child who are surrendering to them after the battle for control of Saipan. July 1944.

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"First Negro Marines decorated by the famed Second Marine Division somewhere in the Pacific (left to right) Staff Sgt Timerlate Kirven...and Cpl. Samuel J. Love, Sr... They received Purple Hearts for wounds received in the Battle of Saipan..."

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Abandoned Garapan Lighthouse Saipan ( Following World War I, the Japanese Empire seized the Northern Mariana Islands from Germany and developed a substantial amount of infrastructure. The Garapan Light on the island of Saipan is just one example. Built in 1934, the lighthouse was extensively damaged during the American invasion of Saipan in the summer of 1944.)

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What One Photographer Saw at the Battle of Saipan

What One Photographer Saw at the Battle of Saipan | TIME

a yank kneels before a Catholic shrine in a Saipan cemetery after the Marines and Army captured the island. Prayer was needed. After 25 days of battle, some 32000 japanese were killed, and hundreds of civilians , taught to fear the coming americans , committed suicide

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American soldiers coaxing starved, frightened civilians out of cave where they were hiding during battle for Saipan between US and Japanese forces. July 1944. Photographer: W. Eugene Smith

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Solider sharing banana with a goat during the battle of Saipan ca. 1944