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ostfeldzug: “ Fallschirmjäger defensive position, Battle of Monte Cassino. March, 1944. ”

z- French Colonial Soldiers- Mass Rapes After Battle of Monte Cassino, 1944 (Prop- Italy- WWII)

A streak of light shines on a lone decorative column in the ruins of the Monte Cassino Abbey. May, 1944.

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Saint Deusdedit of Montecassino - Roman Catholic Saint. Elected the fifteenth Abbot of Monte Cassino in 828, succeeding Saint Apollinaris, Saint Deusdedit was noted for his generosity and almsgiving.


A soldier of the Troops of the Entente lying dead after losing his life in the area of Monte Cucco during the Tenth Battle of the Isonzo...

ruins of monte cassino Google Image Result for


The Battle of Monte Cassino was a costly series of four assaults by the Allies against the Winter Line in Italy held by Axis forces during the Italian Campaign of World War II. The intention was a breakthrough to Rome.


World war II Cassino (Italy) 1944 #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola


Polish soldiers of 2nd Polish Corp, raise Polish Flag atop Monte Cassino