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The Battle of Lepanto was a key naval engagement during the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars. Meeting in the Gulf of Patras, the forces of the Holy League succeeded in defeating the Ottoman fleet and ending Turkish expansion in the Mediterranean.


Western World Saved from the Moors (Muslims) in 1492! Miraculous Battle! Naval battle of Lepanto by Andrea Micheli


The first major Rosary miracle, and one of the most impressive, is the one that occurred at the Battle of Lepanto. In 1571 the Christian army, after intense devotion with the Rosary, succeeded in one of the greatest naval victories in the Battle of Lepanto against the powerful Turks. The sixty-five thousand men prayed the Rosary for three hours. Finally, after these devotions, the men were given absolution (forgiveness of their sins). The Turks had nearly three times more troops.


VICENTINO, Andrea Italian painter, Venetian school (b. ca. 1542, Vicenza, d. ca. 1617, Venezia) Battle of Lepanto (detail) 1603 Oil on canvas Palazzo Ducale, Venice