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During the Battle of Crete (η Μάχη της Κρήτης), Hitler’s army faced the wrath of Cretans fighting for their land and their lives. Civilians joined in the battle — women too — to defend their island. Iconic images from the Battle of Crete (η Μάχη της Κρήτης) that were posted on HALC's blog.

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Cretans attacking 3 Germans battle of Crete 1941. Island of the brave. 8000 German paratroopers dropped on a tiny island and the Greek resistance with little help from British killed more then half the troops as they were coming down. The Greeks would stab them with pitchforks and steal their weapons. Fields of blood ran.

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The Greek Orthodox Bishop of Canea (Crete) blesses British troops. In front is a Bren Gun carrier.

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May 1941, Battle of Crete. Cretan civilians – men, women, children, priests, monks, and even nuns -armed or otherwise- joined the battle with whatever weapons were at hand. In some cases, ancient matchlock rifles which had last been used against the Turks were dug up from their hiding places and pressed into action.

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British artillerymen (left) hand out tea and bread to Greek soldiers during the Battle of Crete as a Greek officer and a policemen watch on the right. The Greek armed forces suffered from a shortage of modern weapons and motor transport. However, the mountainous frontier with Albania was ideal for defensive fighting and proved too much for the Fascist Italian forces which invaded the country on 28 October 1940. The initially outnumbered Greek forces were able not only to contain the…

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Tweede Wereldoorlog. Soldaten in de bak van een vrachtwagen. Eén van hen is gewond aan zijn hoofd. Griekenland, Kreta,1941. [Mogelijk Griekse krijgsgevangenen, sommigen met helm in Fanse stijl. Op de achtergrond een Duitser]. Second World War. Soldiers in the trunk of a truck. One of them has a headwound. Greece, Crete, 1941. [Probably captured Greek soldiers. Some of them are wearing the old French-style helmet. The guy in the background is a German].

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