The Battle of Halmyros, known by older scholars as the Battle of the Cephissus or Battle of Orchomenos, was fought on 15 March 1311 between the forces of the Frankish Duchy of Athens and its vassals under Walter of Brienne and the mercenaries of the Catalan Company, resulting in a devastating victory for the Catalans. by wraithdt on DeviantArt

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Confederate Flag-Captured @ Battle of Athens-August 5, 1861 (Louie Zenti built frame).jpg

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Top 10 da mitologia grega! Veja as entidades mais poderosas da mitologia grega!

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Close-up view of 1st Lt. A.J. Crutchfield of the 20th (Russell's) Tennessee Cavalry. Killed at the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle, AL. also known as the Battle of Athens, AL.

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The Battle of Marathon 490 BC: The day of Marathon is the critical epoch in the history of the two nations. It broke forever the spell of Persian invincibility, which had previously paralyzed men's minds. It helped the Greeks to get the spirit which beat back Xerxes. It secured for mankind the intellectual treasures of Athens, the growth of free institutions, the liberal enlightenment of the Western world, and the gradual ascendency for many ages of the great principles of European…

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