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MLB Lou Gehrig 1938 Action

One of the most well known Yankees this is Lou Gehrig. He made his debut to the MLB on the Yankees in 1923, and his last appearance was also on the Yankees in 1939. He was nicknamed "The Iron Horse". His batting average was .340. He was voted the best 1st baseman of all time. He died of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or "Lou Gehrigs Disease.

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Periodic Table Gets a Hall of Fame Makeover

Babe Ruth, 1921 “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.”

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Colored Softballs Impoving Batting Average

The purpose of this drill is to improve reaction time and thinking at the plate. Paint several softballs with different bright colors, and place them in a bucket behind the mound. Have someone place one of the balls in the pitcher's glove without letting the batter see the color. The pitcher then calls out a color before pitching the ball. The batter can only swing if the ball matches the color the pitcher called out (and if the pitch is in the strike zone).

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"Connie Morgan, 1955. Recruited at age 19. 3rd of 3 women in the Negro Baseball League. Played for the Indianapolis Clowns 1954-1955 and the North Philadelphia Honey Drippers, an all female team. Morgan had a career batting average of .368, ironically the record is held by Ty Cobb at .366."

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23 Animal GIFs That Should Be World Famous

This little guy who’s got a batting average of .350! | 23 Animal GIFs That Should Be World Famous

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Batsmen with batting average of 50+ in ODIs

Marcenia Lyle Alberga aka Toni Stone, 1954. 1st of 3 women to play in Negro League Baseball with a .243 batting average. Teams: San Francisco Lions 1949, Black Pelicans 1949, New Orleans Creoles 1949-1952, Indianapolis Clowns 1953 (Hank Aaron played for this team in 1952), and the Kansas City Monarchs 1953-1954. She retired at the end of the 1954 season to care for her husband.

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Death: December 27, 1941 – December 19, 2016: Phil Gagliano: St. Louis Cardinals (1963–1970) Chicago Cubs (1970) Boston Red Sox (1970–1973) Cincinnati Reds (1973–1974)/ 2× World Series champion (1964, 1967)//His most productive season was 1965, during which he played in 122 games, hitting eight home runs and 59 RBI. In his later years, he developed into a pinch-hitter, gaining a .354 batting average in that role for the Boston Red Sox and .366 for the Cincinnati Reds

Bibb Falk would have the unenviable task of replacing Shoeless Joe Jackson in left field for the White Sox in 1920 after Joe was banished from the game. The former pitcher, Bibb would quickly win over fans when they saw he was an excellent contact hitter, posting a lifetime .315 batting average.