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Batman Vs Superman Storyline

Matt Damon Talks About the Batsuit and Batman Vs. Superman Storyline [Video] - The Film Junkee

Movie 10: Batman vs Superman (2016). My rating: 4/5. More considered than I had expected, epic all the way through (especially the soundtrack), not the most amazing characters or storyline, but it worked. Despite the odds, this felt like something new. And Wonder Woman was awesome!

I saw batman vs superman yesterday for my birthday and IT WAS AWESOME! I think that it could have been better basically just have less fighting and more of a storyline with comedy. But it's a necessary to make it/watch it in order for the justice league movies to be. Oh and Wonder Woman! She was a frickin beast! And she was pretty hot too. Basically I am deeply in love with wonder woman she is the best period. . . . . . #batman #superman #wonderwoman #whowillwin #galgadot #henrycavill…