"When all else fails, give them a bubble bath!" Make bath time even more fun with this easy Homemade Bath Paint recipe. Seriously, it is only 2 ingredients!

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Bath paint 1/4 cup shampoo/ or hand soap/ or body wash (use whatever soapy thing you have lying around, great use for shampoo you didn’t like, or the end of the body wash) 1/4 cup corn starch 1-2 TBS water 3-4 drops food coloring

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DIY bath paints are easy to make and can be made into a variety of vibrant colors for your little one to experiment with. Great sensory fun made with 4 ingredients!

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DIY Tub Paint - Pin tested - better than shaving cream paint and your little one still smells like a baby and not a man. lol

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Looking for a gentle homemade bath paint recipe? Try this fun and colorful bath time activity that is also safe for baby's skin.

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DIY Bathtub Paints, its time for more than just two colors, looks like I'm gonna have to get busy with this recipe soon!

Super simple bath paints using 3 ingredients. Just mix up baby-safe shampoo, cornstarch, and food coloring in a Ziploc® Slider bag. This is such an awesome way to get your kids to enjoy bathtime and wind down at the end of the day. Plus, the slider bag keeps it from making a mess or drying out between baths.

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