Bath bomb kit

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Such a great idea. I love the Bath Bomb DIY; especially the rainbow bath bombs. LUSH bath bombs DIY. Sex Bomb + Yoga Bomb. MuffinChanel
How to make Homemade Bath Bombs
Cool Simple Colorful DIY Bath Bombs by DIY Ready at
Make DIY bath bombs and relax in your tub in style! Baths let you completely relax and rejuvenate, and forget about other troubles.
When a tropical vacation is not a possibility, fragrance can transport you to new locations. These bath bombs are scented with Pikake Flower Fragrance Oil. The pikake flower is commonly used to create Hawaiian leis and has a lovely floral scent. Rosy Pink La Bomb colorant gives the bath bombs a feminine color, and rose petals …
Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs! Fun sensory and science for kids
Great for any occasion, our gift set comes boxed, bowed, and tagged as seen in 3rd photo ready to be gifted. Bath Tea, bath bomb, and body
from WhippedUpWonderful, A set of 4 darling bath bombs, any way you like them!