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A mother Jamaican fruit eating bat carrying her baby while flying. Chiroptera, the order of mammals containing bats, means "hand wing". Photo: Bat Conservation International.

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Sulawesi Fruit Bat, Acerodon celebensis, roosts in trees in villages, and also in bamboo. Individuals are commonly seen feeding on breadfruit trees and coconut

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"Our bat pollinators are extremely important...and adorable!" via Bat Conservation International

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Illustration courtesy Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation Int on

“Cuteness" shouldn't be the measure for #conservation. UGLY doesn’t mean UN-important! #bats #WeDeserveLove

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Free Bat House plans and advice from Bat Conservation International

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Free bat house plans and installation instructions from Bat Conservation International (remember to use untreated wood and never paint the inside of the house!)

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