Basketball court flooring

snap together basketball courts--need these for the dance floor

Snap Together Flooring for Basketball Courts

Home basketball court. Very cool and if you don't like the basketball concept then you could easily replace it with a dance studio/workout room/TV area/etc.

15 Ideas for Indoor Home Basketball Courts

For this Bloomfield Renovation I changed what was a horrible theatre room with all the wrong dimensions into a basketball court Tutto Interiors Cheryl Nestro - Northville, MI

This home is full of so much more than meets the eye. Consider, for example, the secret spiral slide tucked into a lower-level bookcase which slips into the basketball court in the sub-basement. Take the stairs or take the slide to shoot some hoops or just expend some extra energy. Spectators can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the action from overstuffed leather chairs around a driftwood coffee table. Photo by James Maidhof

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Welcome to my indoor basketball court. Yes, it's on the top level, third level, of the house. Game on!

Home court to play basketball, tennis, dodge ball, soccer and whatever else.

*Da pra usar como quadra de dia, e baladinha a noite.  Essa quadra possui uma fonte de luz LED que pode transformar este chão do estádio em uma pista de hóquei , basquetebol, ou arena de futebol de salão com o toque de um botão.

The underneath LED light source can turn this stadium floor into a hockey rink, basketball court, or indoor soccer arena at the touch of a button. wish to play on the court.

If I ever get a barn, I am so putting in an indoor basketball court. My court would have a block M at half court.

Cool home basketball area design.especially an Indiana home basketball court!

20 Enchanting Home Gym Ideas

20 Enchanting Home Gym Ideas

Telluride Residence - eclectic - home gym - other metro - by Slifer Designs/basketball court

Fun idea - Epoxy Flooring : Durable Flooring : Garage Flooring : Ideal Coatings

Epoxy garage floor perfect for parties - if you never intend on putting your car or storage in it. I like the idea of painting game courts for kids on floor