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St-Denis Basilica - Paris, is notable for its Gothic architecture and for being the burial site of French monarchs, which makes it comparable to Westminster Abbey in England.The Abbey of Saint Denis was the burial site of the kings of France for centuries and has thus been referred to as the "royal necropolis of France." All but three of the monarchs of France from the 10th century until 1789 have their remains here. The abbey church contains some fine examples of cadaver tombs.


The Gothic design is a skeleton of stone with glass walls. St. Denis is widely considered the first "Gothic" cathedral, but they only got bigger and better from here.


Greater Paris, Saint-Denis Basilica, the burial place of the French Kings, with nearly every king from the 10th to the 18th centuries being buried there, as well as many from previous centuries


Memorial to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by Edme Gaulle and Pierre Petitot, Basilica St. Denis, France - -These are not the tombs of the King and queen, who are buried elsewhere in the Basilica.


The St Denis Basilica in France is known as the original Gothic cathedral. It has combined architectural elements such as vaulted ceilings, flying buttress and pointed arches.


The Basilica of St Denis, Paris, France: South transept Rose window, subject: Jesse Tree (Ancestors of Christ). Art Nouveau style. WOW! What a window! Amazing colour--mauve, I think it is. Anyways, purplish blue. A deep, meditative colour, ideal for a mandala, which is what "rose windows" are, in effect.


Beautiful statue of Bertada of Laon - the mother of Charlemagne, the last Merovingian Queen, the wife of Pepin the Great and my 36th, 37th (x2) 38th, (x3) 39th, (x2) 40th (x2), 42nd & 43rd GGM. Buried at the Basilica of St Denis, Paris.