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300+ Cookie Dough Variations From One Simple Recipe

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Make It Yours™ Cookie

Add any mix-ins to this basic cookie dough recipe to make any flavor cookies your family loves! I usually split the dough in half or thirds and make different flavors each of my kids pick in just minutes. Such a fun way for kids to be creative in the kitchen!

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4 Basic Cookie Doughs to Master

4 Basic Cookie Doughs to Master ~ Awesome... Chocolate chip cookies, fudgy chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, and the best oatmeal cookies!

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Unchocolate Chip Cookies Recipe ~ My favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip Cookies without the Chocolate Chips

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300+ Cookie Dough Variations From One Simple Recipe

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Baking School Day 17: Cookies — The Kitchn's Baking School

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The Best Chewy Café-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Brown Sugar Cookies

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Basic Vanilla Cookie Dough

Martha Stewart basic vanilla cookie dough. For tinted cookies, add drops of gel-pastefood coloring once the flour is incorporated. If you'd like to try a variation, see what ingredients to add: Spice Cookie DoughChocolate Cookie DoughCitrus Cookie Dough

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