Pro Barrel

Pozzi Pro Barrel Racer - THIS is my FAVE! Sambo would look pretty dang slick! v t1.0-9 15940604_10154923689966737_4322476826769635634_n.jpg?oh=771807c1312437bac213d1faceb45965&oe=58D6003C v t1.0-9 15940604_10154923689966737_4322476826769635634_n.jpg?oh=771807c1312437bac213d1faceb45965&oe=58D6003C

Tooled leather.

Everyone go Like FB saddle page! She will be updating it every week with saddles and what has sold and hasn't. What's NEW in stock! Barrel,Cutter,Roping Saddles will be posted on there! So everyone go check it out! Link is in her Bio!

Tami Semas Barrel Saddle to be awarded in Open 4D Barrels

Tami Semas Barrel Saddle

My dream saddle pad by Best Ever Pads

My dream saddle pad by Best Ever Pads

best ever wool horse saddle pad

***Limited Edition Aqua Laredo Wear Leathers Kush Wool Saddle Pad ( - Best Ever Pads


This is a gorgeous looking Hilason Western Saddle. Due to the shape and nature of the muscle movement of horses, the tree of the saddle is specially designed to provide allowance for the muscle movement and to