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1818 Newspaper-Emperor Napoleon on St. Helena - Nathan Rothschild Barings Bank - amp, 1818, bank, Barings, Helena, Napoleon, Nathan, NewspaperEmperor, ROTHSCHILD

When futures trader Nick Leeson is sent to Singapore by the Barings Bank he secretly begins to steal vast amounts of their own money to cover his risky financial wagering.


Rogue Trader: How I Brought Down Barings Bank and Shook the Financial World by Nick Leeson,


25 Million Pounds The documentary explores the culture of Barings Bank and of the financial markets during the 1990s, and how Nick Leeson was able to cause another huge loss of money to the bank, this time bankrupting the company. He did this by claiming fictitious profits on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange, SIMEX, and using money requested from London as margin payments on fictitious trades to finance his loss-making positions.

Clues: Seamus Heaney wins Nobel Prize for Literature; eBay is founded; Jacques Chirac is elected president of France; Nasdaq closes above 1000 for first time; UK’s Barings Bank collapses, thanks to Nick Leeson; Mississippi becomes last state to ratify abolition of slavery; and 168 people killed in Oklahoma City bombing.

Total Risk: Nick Leeson and the Fall of Barings Bank: Judith H. Rawnsley, Nicholas William Leeson: 9780887307812: Books

On, learn more about Nicholas Leeson, the rogue derivatives trader that brought down Barings Bank.