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★ "Hard Times Barbie" ★ Survive, Thrive, Inspire, & LYAO! )O( Blessed Be

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That's what the guy in the Piggley Wiggley said about Esther and Chris, "They look like they had been rode hard and put away wet." And they dared mention my name and Randys in that condition.

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Growing up I never had a ken doll so Barbie went on dates with my lotion bottle

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Viking Barbie meme by Dean Hostager. Viking Barbie knows how to end a relationship. norway norwegian funny humor humorous From

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This is the truest. My seven year old sister just told me Barbies were boring and I was like, child, our parents didn't raise you right Pinterest | @givememynameplx

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Barbie- has been a doctor, the president, a paratrooper, an astronaut, a dentist, a teacher, a veterinarian and an archeologist; but feminists say she's a bad role model because of her figure.

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People who compare stepping on a Lego to death have obviously never stepped on a Barbie brush..

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