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British Slaves on the Barbary Coast: The fishermen and coastal dwellers of 17th-century Britain lived in terror of being kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya). Hundreds of thousands across Europe met wretched deaths on the Barbary Coast in this way. Accounts tell of almost entire villages of men, women and children being spirited away at night from coastal towns in Devon, Cornwall and Ireland. ...Article by Professor Robert…

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Barbary Coast Distressed Cart Table

Those early 1900s industrial transportation systems can now reside on your living room with the help of this Barbary Coast Distressed Cart Table.

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Slavery is one of the oldest trades known to man. Much condemnation has been directed towards the tragedy of the African slave trade, which took place between the 16th and 19th centuries. However, another equally despicable trade in humans was taking place at the same time in the Mediterranean. It is estimated that up to 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by the slave markets that flourished on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, their lives were just as pitiful as their African…

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Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History) by Robert C. Davis

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Apparently real pirates usually preferred their victims to surrender without a fight - less chance of the goods being damaged that way.

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Barbary Coast (1935)

More often than not the owners of these brothels, regardless of what kind of house they operated, came away with great fortunes. The more frequented parlor houses seemed each to have its own speciality. Madame Bertha, who ran a parlor house located in Sacramento Street, in addition to the usual activities of such an establishment, gave organ recitals on Sunday afternoons to specially invited guests. The prostitutes sang popular songs while Madame Bertha accompanied.

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Sophisticated Blue; Barbary Coast Library Designed For Peace and (Dog-Eared) Pages | California Home + Design

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The Barbary Coast 1849: Badly drawn paintings of nude women adorn the walls of the best cafes in the city. Prostitutes begin to arrive from the east. They are frequently auctioned off from the decks of the arriving ships. Cafe owners often hire them to pose nude in displays in the dining halls. Gambling houses were everywhere. At El Dorado it was reported that $80,000 once changed hands on the turn of a single card. Liquor and female companionship were often provided free of charge. (click…

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