Barbara Kruger- Feminist art:

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It – Barbara Kruger - World of the Woman

Your comfort is my Silence, 1981 // by Barbara Kruger

Your comfort is my Silence, 1981 // by Barbara Kruger. Conceptual artist and collagist. Known for her black/white/red propaganda posters, as well as her use of "We" "You" "I" etc, to create a stronger message.

Magazine - Barbara Kruger @ Kunsthaus Bregenz

Barbara Kruger @ Kunsthaus Bregenz

One of those weeks. Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Are We Having Fun Yet? I see the above image every day outside a colleague’s office, but today, the word-image resonates.

Barbara Kruger : You Are NOT YOURSELF ('83/84) - FRAGMENTED, BROKEN MIRROR, TENSION, NEGATION OF IDENTITY: Cultural Theory of schizophrenic subject (POSTMODERN) and dissolution of self

VC501 – Dissertation Preperation: Anti-Consumerism and Culture

This is called Untitled (You are not yourself), by Barbara Kruger, This is another edited image by here with a very direct message addressing feminism.

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