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Easy #IKEA shadow box frame coin bank! I’ve been looking for piggy banks for my girls. Not that they don’t have piggy banks already but they are always getting into theirs. This one is hard to get...


8 Easy Ways To Save Money

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How I Made $45K Selling on

went on maternity leave in 2010 when baby #1 came along. Maternity leave went on longer than planned when I was laid off from my job, so it seemed like a good time to be a stay-at-home mom and try for baby #2. It was almost 4 years before baby #2 arrived, with a serious ectopic pregnancy scare in between. During this time I started researching to find out if there really is a way to earn a real income working online, and I found out…. YES, it is possible to make money online & work from…


36 Expert Ideas on Teaching Kids Money Saving Tips

Teaching Kids Money Saving Tips: I personally like, "Talking about trade offs and compromises in spending choices is much more powerful than simply saying “no”", and "As a kid, my Mom gave me $1 if I balanced her checkbook. It motivated me to do math and think about keeping a positive bank account balance."


Kids Check Book Registers

Aha. What if I become Bank of Mom and kept one for each child in my purse with my checkbook? Then we could pay and withdraw from here allowances and "oh pleeeeease let me buy this" things. We can all set weekly time to manage our money together. I like it!