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Dam auto correct bane of my life #minion #minions #autocorrect #autocorrectfail

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"Magnus stood looking down at Jem. There was sadness etched on his face, that face that was usually so merry or sardonic or uncaring, a sadness that surprised Will. 'For whence had that former sorrow so easily penetrated to the quick, but that I had poured out my soul upon the dust, in loving one who must die?' Magnus said."

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Seeing as baby socks are the bane of my life, these would probably be a really good solution. Well, at least of keeping the socks on the feet. As far as losing socks in general...that's a completely different story!

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We don't often use the word 'bane' any longer and when we do it is likely to be as part of 'the bane of my/his/her life'. This is usually uttered as a complaint against a not very serious threat, for example, a gardener might complain "those slugs are the bane of my life". Baneful threats weren't always so casual. 'Bane' is a very ancient word, recorded in the Old English Chronicles as early as circa 800, meaning 'murderer'.

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The Sith: Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains will be broken the Force shall free me

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