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Bane Batman Actor

"Bane" The Dark Knight Rises. The Joker (Heath Ledger) blew me away with skills as an actor.. Butt Bane.. Pfff! The facial expressions begind the mask are unreal!!

from Après La Pub

C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #142

Tom Hardy - Christian Bale Photo Shoot. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Tom Hardy - Christian Bale Photo Shoot for fans of Tom Hardy images. 33535843


From EW, October 30 2015:Tom Hardy might wrestle you if you try to give him an Oscar- The mysterious British actor is unconventional in every way -Tom Hardy is best known for his portrayals of brooding, intense, even savage men: Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman’s nemesis Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, a deranged English criminal in his audacious breakout in Bronson. So the presumption is that the man and his cinematic counterparts must share some dark blood.But in a hotel suite…


Well aren’t they cute…

Some one needs to make that movie <<< Agree! #FanX is coming April 17-19, 2014! >>> #batman