Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984    Love, love, LOVE this song and video. Best ever from the 80s.

Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984 from The Ten Most Played Christmas Songs in the UK

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (2014) feat. One Direction

The release of the Band Aid 30 song to combat Ebola has been blowing up, raising a million dollars in the first five minutes.

Remember this one from holiday time 1984? Band Aid - 'Do They Know It's Christmas'  - before the US group recording of 'We Are The World,' British rock stars got together under organizational efforts of Bob Geldorf and recorded what would become the 2nd best selling record of all time in the was only surpassed by Elton John in 1997 with his '97 version of 'Candle In The Wind.'

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas [Official Music Video] Christmas Proceeds to go to the Ethiopian Famine. Bob Geldof produced it.

Ice breakers - High-Activity - Ultimate Camp Resource. These are GREAT! Includes: Band-Aid Tag, Chivalry, Clump, Crocodile Race, Fifty Yard Scream, Group Knot, Have You Ever?, I Have Never, People to People (Body Parts) and The Kids from Mars.

So many great camp game ideas. Water balloon toss, t-shirt freeze tag, Sponge Relay, tons of Water Games - Ultimate Camp Resource Header

If only we had lightening bugs where we live. Will have to add that to our "To Do" list for my daughter to see when we visit family this summer, then we can do this project!

Bandage Lightning Bugs

letter F What a cute lightning bug craft! Now to find the bright yellow band aids. been looking for a long time and I've never seen them! Again, from No Time for Flashcards

Remember this commercial? "I am stuck on band aid brand 'cause band aid's stuck on me!"

1976 - Barry Manilow won a Clio Award for writing Band-Aid’s "Stuck on Me" jingle, the tune that made "Band-Aid" the go-to term for the generic product once known as adhesive bandages.

USA for Africa - We are the World - YouTube

Pin for Later: 16 Holiday Songs That Will Make You Cry Into Your Cocoa "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid 30