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Transform pool noodles into bamboo for this fun stacking game! Great for outside, P.E. or indoors if you have the space! #kids #engineering

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Bamboo Forest-Kauai, Hawaii.. Been here<3 it's kinda slippery.. Take me backkk

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Pattern Towers for Preschoolers

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"Bamboo spiral: This gives an unusual auditory experience to anyone who ventures into the ‘forest’ of hanging bamboo poles - a version of surround sound!" - Sounds and Senses ≈≈

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Pattern Towers for Preschoolers

Bamboo skewers, playdough & colourful drinking straws cut in pieces- fun idea to look at patterns and sequences and also fine motor sills. Can also use to practice addition, greater than, less than, counting and more!

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Indoor Air: Barberton daisies, devil's ivy, peace lilies, bamboo palms

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How to Build a Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game

life size kerplunk game - oh this looks fun! I've gotta see if we can get one of these made before the summer!

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