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Empire Style reception room, Royal Palace of Brussels, Belgium. (and look at all those chandeliers.)

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15 Mindmelting Works Of Mirror Art

Kimsooja’s “To Breath - A Mirror Woman” | 15 Mindmelting Works Of Mirror Art

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Paris Opera House.

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Someday, I want to dance in a ballroom with my love ~ how beautiful. Charlottenburg Palace ~ Berlin ~ Germany

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I honestly have no idea how I got up this high, but I have a beautiful view of the palace interior. Sighing, I sink against the wall, and create stories in my head. (rp with one of the guys maybe?)

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The 10 Most Beautiful Parks In Paris, France

OPEN) jinx) I sat off to the side, in dress and makeup, people had stared at me for putting a skeleton face on, but it was my choice so... Now everyone dance and talked with friends aside from me, even my brother had a date... 'I'm pathetic' I thought to myself. I sat now pushing around food on my plate in boredom, when I heard a cough from behind, I turned to see (blub)

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Oriental-Middle East architecture. Looks heavenly. Theme LIGHTGLASS by rickerlr // Reblogged from and posted by mademoisellechique

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Peterhof Palace, the grand ballroom, Saint Petersburg. Note the magnificent floors inlaid with rare and precious woods in an intricate design. This is a hallmark of the Imperial Russian style.

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