Not dancing in a club I'm talking ballroom dancing! My dad and I were born professional ballroom dancers

Dancing in heels should count as a superpower. ---- If I have a superpower, this is it. I can dance in heels for hours.

if you have music use your dancing skills to move to the music

Quote: I dance because there's no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear Can't stop the feeling so just dance dance dance

Ballroom Dance: An Insider's Look A blog that helps people understand both social and competitive ballroom dance.

The difference between Competitive Ballroom in American and International Standard

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just Dance ballroom, contemporary, jazz freestyle it really does not matter =)

Ballroom Dancing Basics - Learning To Dance Ballroom. Ballroom Dancing Basics - Learning To Dance Ballroom If you want to learn any type of ballroom dancing, it is never too late to start with the ballroom dan

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We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it!

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Learning to Dance Ballroom Like the Stars. Learning to Dance Ballroom Like the Stars Have you ever watched the show Dancing with the Stars on ABC and wished you could learn to dance just like they l

Practice makes perfect, something to remember with piano.

If you are a dancer, repost this, and if you are a dancer and don't, you have proven you aren't a true one

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Belle Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Dance Quote by SubjectArt

I love that I have this training in Ballroom! It is one of my fav things to do with the boy in the kitchen...Fox trot, ballroom, tango!

We also start on our right foot. Because women are always right ---- This is a fun quote, but in reality, going backwards isn't as hard as you'd think. It's all in who is leading you.

This is why dancing is so wonderful. Even if no one loves you the way you expected or wanted them to, dance, because your exercise and having fun. I think that's what Jehovah God would want, us to have wholesome fun.

Quote: I dance to be free, to forget, and so that i can having to love when i feel like nothing loves me.