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Balloon Dresses

Deze foto vind ik heel kleur vol en heel grappig en appart daarom vind ik het heel erg bij de mode van de toekomst passen

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Step by step of how to make a balloon dress. The black balloon interweaving is the front...BalloonHQ Columns - Marie Dadow

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I happened upon the work of Daisy Balloon this weekend and was immediately taken. She is a Japenesse artist who makes dresses out of balloons! They are gorgeous, festive and great inspiration for Halloween. See her portfolio here, including a new balloon font (so rad). PS. The coolest balloon display ever. fabric balloonsa balloon cloudGussied up balloons

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Dresses made out of balloons by Rie Hosokai

Colorful balloon dress - Japanese balloon artist Rie Hosokai uses latex balloons to create unique dresses that can only be worn 24 hours before they deflate and change color in hot weather. - Japanese poster of Takashimaya Department Store

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I choose to sew: Free Pattern: balloon dress. Japanese design copying Moyuru Learn more about Japanese sewing patterns and books at

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