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I do a variation of this by wrapping the bedroom door before the reveal of the Teen Dream Room re-do that I help my nieces & nephews plan for their 13th birthday! Lots of fun!

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Making a balloon canopy worked out way better for me than the balloon avalanche I previously pinned. Just tape two garbage bags to the ceiling and tuck the ends into the door. The birthday boy/girl is showered with balloons when they open it.

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The Balloon Avalanche

Make a balloon avalanche for a birthday morning surprise. Simply tape a trash bag to the ceiling and door, slide in small blown up balloons, and wait for the birthday girl or boy to open the door!

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The Balloon Avalanche

BALLOON AVALANCHE !!-Cut open one two plastic garbage bags. Use paper tape/masking tape to tape the bags to the outside of the door frame, leaving the top open. Blow up balloons, stuff ‘em in, and when the birthday boy or girl opens their door in the morning … balloon avalanche!

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