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5 Reasons To Go Bald With a Beard

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that looks good on all men. Even better, beards balance out a lack of hair on top. Bald with a beard is a combination that works at every length,

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The Bald With Beard Look

Thick and black Describes so many things I like about men. But for the sake of this blog we will stick with the male equivalent of makeup... The beard. O yes, this is the sister (well BROTHA) blog to: theotherblack This blog is also co-edited...

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Why You Seriously Need a Beard with a Bald Head

Now that the hair is gone there is not much to style. Or is there? Have you tried being bald with a beard?

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Stymie Beard

Stymie - Played by Matthew Beard Born: 1925 With his trademark bowler hat and bald head, Stymie Beard is easily one of the most recognized Rascals next to Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla.

a-man-with-bald-head-and-long-beard3 Bald Men With Beards: Grow Facial Hair With Bald Head

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An Indians fan sat behind Mike Napoli on a flight, and then it got awesome

Imagine a situation if you will. You’re traveling home from your holiday celebrations, and you take your seat on the plane. You get your book or your headphones out and ready, and then you look around. In front of you is a bald head with a big beard, and he looks a little familiar. You consider it for