World's largest living Bald Cypress tree, Cat Island Swamp, Louisiana... so close to home...

World's largest living Bald Cypress tree, Cat Island Swamp, Louisiana. so close to home.

Bald Cypress Tree | Mature Height: 60' - 70' | Fall Color: Rusty Red | Growth Rate: 1.5' - 2' Per Year  #trees #landscaping #gardening

Fannin Bald Cypress Trees are not the same as other trees found at other Dallas area tree farms and are grown at our North Texas Bald Cypress Tree Farm.

EXTREME TREES { COAST REDWOOD: tallest tree, 115/6 meters // MONTEZUMA BALD CYPRESS: thickest tree, water loving // GIANT SEQUOIA: biggest tree, in terms of volume of wood // GREAT BASIN: oldest tree, californias species surveyed 4,800 years! }

Classifying the world’s tallest, thickest, biggest, and oldest trees can be an extreme challenge. For the National Geographic “Extreme Trees” poster, featured in several of…

Bald Cypress Growing: Planting A Bald Cypress Tree - It’s hard to mistake the bald cypress for any other tree. These tall conifers with flared trunk bases are emblematic of the Florida everglades. If you are considering planting a bald cypress tree, you’ll want to read up on bald cypress information. This article will help.

Bald Cypress Care: Tips On Growing A Bald Cypress Tree

Bald Cypress Growing - Planting A Bald Cypress Tree in Trees, Ornamental Gardens

Bald Cypress Tree Taxodium distichum var. distichum

ball cypress tree - excellent small tree for Ok. - soft featherlike leaves- turns bright red/orange in the fall

Bald Cypress is a truly unique tree, and has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Voted urban tree of the year in 2007, this trees interesting characteristics make it a truly stand out specimen. Bald Cypress is a deciduous evergreen, meaning it has foliage similar to an evergreen which it sheds in the winter. Bald Cypress has an outstanding coppery fall color, and a soft droopy needle which adds texture to the landscape. This tree is a true gem, but due to its uniqueness it can…

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