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Sushki are a snack that you can find in any Russian store. They are small, ring shaped, dry and slightly sweet. They look like tiny little bagels. They are often sold tied on a string, like I have in the picture. They are perfect for nibbling on or to enjoy with some tea. During this... Read More »


Everything Bagel Popcorn

It doesn’t have to be breakfast to get your everything bagel fix! This everything bagel popcorn is seasoned to taste just like your favorite bagel…and you can eat it anytime!


Michelle MacDonald (left) and Brittany Nettles recently moved their gluten-free bagel factory, Sweet Note Bakery, to Manayunk. (Courtesy of A.J. Beephan Photography)

The Bagel Factory – Pastrami e bagel, una coppia newyorkese

Storia del Pastrami e cronache di una coppia Newyorkese consolidata: pastrami e bagel. Un nuovo post degli amici di The Bagel Factory.

Vegetable Lasagna Roll-Ups

If you want a change from the traditional lasagna, give these vegetable roll-ups a try. It is a recipe from the Bagel Factory in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Strictly Fingerfood Catering

STRICTLY FINGERFOOD (Powered by Bagel-Factory) Easy download unseres Angebotes unter: pdf File: Website: Facebook: