{open: David} I yawn sleepily. So late..wait.. I check my watch. Never mind..so earlyyy. I run a hand and start walking, and end up walking, well.,straight into you. "Ah, I'm sorry" I say, rubbing my eyes and helping you back to your feet

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Bias wrecker right here. Don't know if I should go for you or your otp partner Chanyeol...

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EXO 엑소 || EXO'luXion || Baek-Hyun 백현......my #1 bias from Exo || Baekhyun

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160802 - #BaekHyun omggggg.... As much as this is fucking amazing, I feel badly when idols think they MUST have "ABSSS" in order to be appreciated.. I feel guilty enjoying them as much as I do.. when they're there, great... if not, I still love them.. it's just a nice bonus..

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