26 Period Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know
This is the best for really bad period cramps! I just received the paragard iud last week and I have been having unexplainable pains and cramps around the lower part of my stomach. I'm so thankful I tried this or I don't know what I would have done! Everyone that has cramps needs to try this.
Livia Will Rid You of Period Cramps Forever
Period Cramps
26 Period Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know
-How to Get Rid of Really Bad Menstrual Cramps- "If menstrual cramps are making you curl into a fetal position and cry, it’s high time you learned some effective remedies. No need to skip school, work or your day-to-day activities just because it’s that time of the month." #Periods #Cramps #NaturalRemedies #HealthyPeriod
Don't tell a girl period cramps can't be that bad
22 Tweets For Women Who Are Just So Done With Bullshit. When asked, "would you rather have erections or periods" men always say "I'd rather have periods" Like Lmao I'd rather take erections any day. And Tampons and pads are a "luxury" and condoms a necessity? Well, yes. Because a men's sex life is more important then a women not bleeding all over herself.
Feeling stupidly suck today, physically and emotionally....so yeah.... This is incredibly accurate.