++++++++++++++++Ex-Dad Definition:+divorced+man+ who+blames+his+ex-wife for+all+his+mistakes,+ shorfalls,+unkept+promises while+being+an+absent+ selfish+father!!

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That realization that I hate my father so much that when I talk about him I become this person I wish I wasn't, I'd never wish on anyone what I wish on him. The bad part? He deserves it. If you're thinking or saying this, it's time to let go of the hurt and forgive. Not for him. For you. <3

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Stay away frompeople who can't take responsibility for their actions and who make you feel bad for being angry at them when they do you wrong.

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Children of narcissists learn to tiptoe around the parents. The Child is trying not to anger the parent, or have them further withdraw their love. With all their focus on the parent, the child loses sight of their own emotions and needs. This is unfortunately carried into adulthood.

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I love quotes like this because when you read some they are telling you that giving up is bad when it isn't you are just giving up on a person who already gave up.

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alcoholic narcissist father, enabling mother - and pity the poor children growing up in this mess...because they don't matter.

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