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When people try to use the "you were right, my bad" line after spending hours insisting that you were wrong. -@BeautyandthePoet

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My birthday's next week. If you could just wrap this up and give it to me, that'd be nice.

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Bad boy sphere compression rash guard - black/red nogi jiu jitsu mma

BAD BOY SPHERE COMPRESSION RASH GUARD - BLACK/GREY - NOGI JIU JITSU MMA JUDO SUBMISSION WRESTLING This Sphere Compression Top was designed by BAD BOY to be worn for grappling competitors of BJJ and MM

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A unicorn cake to match the cookies. This was my very first double barrel cake.... it had it's challenges, but I don't think I did too shabby for my first time! There are 4 layers of pastel colored cakes in that bad boy.. HUGE. The rainbow is my favorite. Happy 1st birthday, Elena. I hope you enjoyed your party! #cakeawayfresno #cakemeaway #unicorncake #1stbirthdaycake #doublebarrelcake #sparklyrainbows #rainbows #unicorns #pastels #marbledbuttercream #customcakes

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