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Homemade Bacon Soap Recipe for Men

This homemade bacon soap recipe makes a great DIY Valentine's Day gift idea for men! Made with real bacon fat this homemade soap recipe yields a hard, extra conditioning soap that can either smell like bacon or any other scent of your choice!

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OMFG It is Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soap

OMFG It is Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soap, well sod the coffee soap rit off, just giv uz the the bacon an' whiskey

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How to Prepare Bacon Grease for Soapmaking

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How to Prepare Bacon Grease for Soapmaking

Hypothetically, you can make cold process soap with just about any oil or fat. This includes animal fats. The most common animal fats are lard and tallow. Lard is rendered pig fat, while tallow is rendered fat from meat other than pork such as cow, lamb or goat. Tallow and lard are excellent for soapmaking. Both contribute …

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How to Make Bacon Soap

How to make homemade lye soap from bacon fat grease and ashes

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Now i know what to do with all the bacon grease. I lov the last comment... lol Making soap with kitchen grease (bacon fat, etc...)

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8 Attention-Grabbing Soaps

Hog wash soap. A little soap pig embedded in a mudbath of soap. called hog wash and unfortunately doesn't smell like bacon.

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