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This is IT! Exactly what I want. Ohhhh Honey........Coop De La Ville's Chicken Coop - BackYard Chickens Community

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22 Low-Budget DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

I bought a trampoline for my kids about two years ago, there is many space under it . So we also bought 4 hens to feed them in it after doing the net around the trampoline , and we made a Chicken Coop using the old coffee table too . …

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22 DIY Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard

This family didn't stop at designing their own chicken coop—they added DIY decorations too. Bonus: The cute "on the farm" sign lists the names of all its feathered residents. Get the tutorial at Redeem Your Ground, and learn more about the coop's design.

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Chicken Coop Checklist {Mom with a Prep}

46 Ideas for Building Your Chicken Coop

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Full of Amenities - Backyard Chicken Coops

Full of Amenities - Backyard Chicken Coops - Southernliving. Carolyn Llorens, an architect, designed this 8- by 6-foot coop and the 8- by 12-foot run. The coop door is 18 inches off the floor so the chickens don’t all run out when the door opens. An egg door allows easy access to nest boxes. Heating pads keep the girls warm in winter, and hardware cloth sunk into concrete keeps out predators.

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American Coop w/12' Run (14 chickens

Backyard Chicken Product: Chicken Coops - American Coop w/12' Run (14 chickens) - from My Pet Chicken

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10 Pretty and Functional Chicken Coops That Will Inspire

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