Upper side/back floral tattoo (I like this location more than the design)

The leaf design tattoo is an important way to showcase an individual’s love, care and the quest to protect the environment in general, a representation of delight, joy.

Feather rib side back tattoo

I love this and the placement I would get it in color and when I get married add birds and as I have kids add birds of all they birthstone color so each bird world represent a member of our family

So pretty! with a regular shirt, you would have no clue

Check out the "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". --inspiration to get all the back tattoos I want

back tattoo #script #writing #words

“all good things are wild, and free” this is something that my mother used to always tell me growing up. it’s sort of a reminder to myself that i don’t need anyone but myself, that i can be anyone i want to be, that i am wild and free.

Selena Gomez Transparency Dress with a Plunging Neckline

Selena Gomez Transparency Dress then it is Ischia, Selena sublime baby doll pretty transparent blouse indeed a bra. Selena Gomez beauty opted a black dress