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The popularity of having tattoos depends on a variety of reasons. However, we are especially focusing on designs of tattoos for girls.

Tiny Neck Tattoo Inspiration

25 Back-of-the-Neck Tiny Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

Soft and Delicate Back of the Neck Tattoo Design

101 Pretty Back Of Neck Tattoos

35 Awesome Back of the Neck Tattoo Designs – Way To The Mind. Don't love the design itself just the shape.

Sunflower Back of Neck Tattoo.  http://forcreativejuice.com/amazing-sunflower-tattoo-ideas/

50+ Amazing Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

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If you're an introvert interested in getting inked, chances are you'll want to avoid big, loud tattoos that draw tons of attention from random passersby. Smaller, simpler designs suit your personality best.

34 Tattoos Perfect For the Wallflower Types