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La Alemana Ladies Basic Styling: Hip movement, posture, ▶ Island Touch Bachata - - YouTube

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An example of Bachata dancing. Ataca & La Alemana are supposed to be the best bachata dancers, or so I've read. Sometimes people do bachata at my local latin club, and I'm hopeless at it! I'm like a stiff scarecrow. When I get time I'll practise the hip movement in front of a mirror.

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Bachata Dance: Four basic footwork styles that any student can do (and that makes for a hilariously fun cultural study AND for a habitual class activity when the students seem unenergized).

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"I knew the moment I met her that she was trouble... Or that I was in trouble... Or that we would get in trouble together... And then we danced. " ~ Scott Nilsson

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10 Bachata Dance Moves / Intro lesson for Beginners / How to Dance Bachata Geno Garcia - YouTube

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The 15 Most Awkward Texts

I'm changing my mind about bachatas. They're actually quite fun when you dance with the right person.

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